Corona Water Damage Restoration and Repair Services


Regardless of the cause, quick and effective water removal is crucial in preventing additional damage to property. Thoroughly drying the structure can prevent mold and mildew, as well as rust and corrosion damage to machinery, equipment and appliances. Our team will extract water and dry out the structure as well as contents using special extraction equipment, air movers, and dehumidification equipment.


Experiencing a fire at your home, school or business can be a devastating event. We understand the importance of your property and belongings and will restore items that are valuable to you. In addition to full reconstruction services, we provide for deodorization, boarding of windows and doors, water extraction, moving services and temporary storage. We will also take care of cleaning draperies, furniture and carpets to get you back to your pre-disaster state.


Discovering mold on your property can disrupt activity in your home or business. Kala offers various levels of remediation techniques that create negative air pressure and utilize HEPA-filtered air exchange systems.


Inclement weather causes significant damage to homes and businesses each year. At Kala we are available around the clock to help you rebuild when bad weather strikes. We provide damage assessments and quick, accurate estimates to repair property back to its original state.

Services We Offer

Water Damage Corona, CA

Flood Damage Corona, CA

Fire Damage Corona, CA

Smoke Damage Corona, CA

Water Damage Repair Corona, CA

Flood Damage Repair Corona, CA

Fire Damage Repair Corona, CA

Smoke Damage Repair Corona, CA

Water Damage Cleanup Corona, CA

Flood Damage Cleanup Corona, CA

Fire Damage Cleanup Corona, CA

Smoke Damage Cleanup Corona, CA

Water Damage Restoration Corona, CA

Flood Damage Restoration Corona, CA

Fire Damage Restoration Corona, CA

Smoke Damage Restoration Corona, CA

Water Damage Removal Corona, CA

Flood Damage Removal Corona, CA

Mold Damage Corona, CA

Mold Damage Cleanup Corona, CA

Mold Damage Removal Corona, CA

Mold Damage Restoration Corona, CA

24 Hour Emergency Fire Damage Cleanup Corona, CA

24 Hour Emergency Water Damage Cleanup Corona, CA

24 Hour Emergency Flood Damage Cleanup Corona, CA

24 Hour Emergency Smoke Damage Cleanup Corona, CA


What is loss mitigation?
Loss mitigation is your responsibility as a homeowner to minimize the extent of damage to your home or personal contents.

We accomplish our mission by continually educating our workforce and staff in the most advanced technology, management techniques and restoration skills - and by promoting personal growth in all our contractors. We constantly monitor our property owners and insurance company clients, seeking increased understanding of their special needs - always searching to enhance our service and ensure that our company remains on the leading edge of our Industry.